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Tellygence is more than a TV app. TG understands your tastes, suggesting shows you'll love. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to a TV that thinks for you.

No more aimlessly scrolling through endless options. Tellygence: always free, forever smart.

Why Choose

Tellygence (TG for short) was created to address the frustration we felt when endlessly searching for something to watch on TV.
Have you ever thought about how much time we actually waste trying to find something interesting to watch? Brace yourself for this shocking fact: a whopping 51 minutes every single day!
That's why we built TG, a personalised platform that was carefully designed to make every moment you spend watching TV a special and enjoyable experience. No more aimlessly scrolling through endless options.

Welcome to Tellygence! - Rahul (Co-founder & CEO)

Watch on all screens

Just like live TV but more intelligent

Think of Tellygence like your premium cable service, but with a twist - it learns your favourites. The more you watch, the smarter it gets, making your viewing truly unique. And it’s free!

How it works?

TG works like normal TV, but it knows what you like to watch. The more you view, the better it gets at finding things you enjoy. The more we learn about what you want, the more unique your experience will be.

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800+ hours of content streamed 24/7

100+ TV Channels

What does it cost?


Absolutely nothing. No, really!
No subscriptions, no credit cards, no payment what so ever. Just sign up and start watching